Yoga Teacher Training



200-hr Online Intensive

Summer Session 2

Begins JULY 1st

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The Ahimsa School is Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

The Lead Instructor is a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance.

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What's the catch?

There is no catch. There is no charge. It's free.

"Free" meaning... what exactly?

Meaning, for me, as a person devoted to Yoga, this is a seemingly necessary act of selfless service, which is the practice of Karma Yoga. This is direct action that can benefit not only the enrolled students, but hopefully everyone they interact with. You've probably heard that "be the change you wish to see in the world" quote, right? Well, it is a truth that there cannot be substantive change without first becoming the essence of the change you desire. Mahatma Gandhi may not have said this famous quote, he was generally a lot wordier than that, but it is a truth all the same.

Is it easy?

To sign up? Yes. The course? No, not at all.